I have significant experience with entrepreneurship, marketing, and business. I am also the author of a book on freelancing, and the owner of 3 blogs — the biggest of which has over 17,000 subscribers.

Some topics I can help with:

  • Business, Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity, Time Management
  • Web, Social Media, Blogging
  • Product Development & Launch

Consulting with me is 100% results oriented, and 100% guaranteed. Whether you need technical assistance, strategic vision, creativity, or just a big kick in the right direction, hire me and we'll get the job done.

Each session will be filled with valuable, relevant, and actionable information. If every call doesn't have a major impact on your life or business, just tell me and I'll schedule another or give you a full refund.

Let's get started.

Hourly Consulting — $279/hr

For a single hour of consulting or coaching, order here.

Availability: 1-2 weeks in advance

Monthly Coaching — $123/hr

Four times per month, one hour per week, at a significant discount.

Availability: only 3 openings left